I'm On One-2RR

For Youth With REAL "To-Do" Lists....

We Address out-of-school and in-school interventions

A safe place to be after a long day of school

We redirect all that energy in to positive outcomes. When we say, "Stay out of trouble." We work to end recidivism while addressing the school to prison pipeline.

Lee Palmer always gracious about young men shadowing him at work. We love him because he understands where he lives and works.

Because of all the youth we love; because of all we have lost, CDSS pledges to always keep our doors open and programs going so they always have a place to come. In honor of those who have died: You are the wind and spirit that sustains us. WE LOVE YOU!!! To those who grow beyond us in age you encourage us by your successes daily. Fly little ones... fly!

For those who don't know what to do or where to go; Just start telling your friends, "I'M ON ONE!"

Taking interest in what's happening in the streets and solving problems before they start

Working to promote reading will improve grades for the upcoming school year.


is grassroots intervention that meets youth and young adults where they need us most. Where they're at!

At-Risk and returning youth are welcome to come here and figure things out using a personal approach to responsible school and community living.

Talk about school, discuss current affairs, hang out with your friends, community service, volunteer. We are all about your development and safety.

We encourage you to explore who you are and who you want to be in the future.