Community Development Sustainable Solutions



As grassroots agents, we innovative outdated processes engaging citizens so we may take collective action resulting in solutions we can apply to common problems.

we bridge the gap

CDSS is an organization of professional people living and working in the same community we serve. We create and foster feelings of fellowship with others sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

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State of Illinois Pillars of Excellence

Sustainable: What Does it Mean to YOU?

CDSS creates and support sustainable solutions we can "ALL" live with...

So, to CDSS, that means only initiatives that can be maintained with quality and justifiably upheld are supported by our Board of Innovators.

Our focus areas :

Environmental and Economic sustainability

Urban infrastructure

Social equity

and Municipal government

Solutions :

We act upon and deal with problems through bold and innovative ideas. CDSS is the correct answer because we solve the problem!